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Food truck menu Québec

Food truck menu

Whether you are a carnivore, a rib lover or a vegetarian, the Zèbre Mobile will satisfy your taste buds! Mac N’Cheese with Perron cheese, poutines, confit duck drumsticks, homemade Fish N’Chips and ribs to satisfy small and large hunger pangs. During the summer, the varied menu, both gourmet and comforting, is served quickly by a well-rehearsed team!

Resto québec, Three units to entertain you

Three units to entertain you

Côtes-à-Côtes Foodtrucks are the ideal option to make your events memorable. Colourful, playful and striped, they do not go unnoticed! We travel to your company, to your home and visit major festive events in the Quebec City region from April to October. Looking forward to seeing you over the summer!

Catering service Québec

Catering service

Small and large events will become beautiful memories thanks to our catering service. Very versatile and above all creative, we are able to serve your guests at your wedding with delicacy or fill the bellies of your employees to thank them for their good work!

How does it work to book a Foodtruck?

What are we eating?

You must choose a general menu for the group (example popular menu) before your event so that we can make you a quote. People will order their main dish on the spot according to the menu you have selected.

Where is it happening?

On flat ground, where you have received permission to welcome us. We can't sit on the street, so a parking lot, lot, driveway, cottage is fine. If you don't have a suitable place, you can contact Parc Maizeret or La Base de Plein Air Ste-Foy, who are used to welcoming us.
We travel within a radius of 150 km. To give you an idea, we are located at 751 Boulevard Louis-XIV, Quebec, QC G1H 1A1.
The first 20 kilometers are offered with the service, after that there is an additional $7.50 per kilometer,

What do you need to plan?

Nothing! We arrive with everything necessary for the service, including utensils, napkins and condiments. We serve our meals in biodegradable containers, so if you have a brown bin, everything can be thrown in there when you're done eating!

How much does it cost?

Just like our clients, each submission is unique. Depending on the menu selected, the distance and the number of people, the price will vary. We invite you to complete the online request form to obtain a personalized quote within 48 working hours. Please note that we do not make individual payments during our events, however, the quote will include the all-inclusive price per person; so you will know how much to ask your guests.

Resto québec, How does it work to book a Foodtruck?