Our Foodtrucks


The Mobile Zebra

Whether you are a carnivore, rib lover or vegetarian, the Mobile Zebra will satisfy your taste buds! Perron Mac n 'cheese, Côtes-à-Côtes poutine, "Wings" style duck drumsticks, home-made Cheval Blanc fish and chips and back ribs to satisfy big and small appetites. During the beautiful season, the varied menu, both gourmet and comforting, is served quickly by a well-trained team!
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The Mobile Zébreau

Little brother of the Mobile Zebra, this new food truck can serve more spare ribs fans! Offering the same combination of gourmet dishes as his sister the Mobile Zébra, the Mobile Zébreau wanders around Quebec City during the summer season. Whether you have a big or a small appetite, you can taste the Côtes-à-Côtes specialties: all the menu is offered in tapas or meal formula!
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The Zebra Hut

French fries, cheese, sauce. Our brand-new food truck specializes in this delicious blend that all Quebecers appreciate! Throughout the summer, the Zebra Hut wanders through the city to spread its love of this Quebec dish with its poutine bar. You will have the choice between three variations: Poutine with Perron sauce, Poutine with Perron sauce and duck confit and Poutine Tartiflette.
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